About Us

Company Profile

MARUTI BLOW TECH PVT.LTD. is promoted by group of directors incorporated in 2013, who has been in the business of manufacturing Plastic Blow & Injection Moulding Articles/Containers from the last 2 decades. Their vast experience in the industry brought various laurels to the company.

Maruti Blow Tech Pvt. Ltd. is born by the experience of the directors of the existing group of companies.

  • 1. L.K. Continental plastic Division
  • 2. Maruti Industries
  • 3. Girnari Moulders

Multi-layered Technology

This type of plastic containers has two layers. Outer layer is dark color(blue), which can avoid ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging. Inner-layer is made from self-colored colophony, which can prevent the goods inside from polluting by pigment. Made from HDPE, which gives it excellent rigidity, creep resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance characteristics. The reasonable overall design make the upper and lower base and the body of the drums as a whole like a protruding stronger and firmer.